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Human Geography Unit 7 Vocabulary

the process of adapting wild plants and animals for human use
the creation of a desertlike condition through human or environmental causes
growing different crops in the same field to keep health - nutriante to be restored
the amount of growth in the amount of salt on or in the soil. can decrease the productivity of animals and the regions climate
cultivating livestock and domesticating crops
system of farming that promotes biodiverse and relies on natural ecological processes opposed to pesticides
the food that is grown is not primarily kept to feed the family but sold to food-processing companies
slash and burn, some people plant two or more crops in a field at the same time a new strategy known as intercropping
the industry of food production connected with farmers, processors, and distributors
systems needing lots of things like it needs labor, equipment is needed, and farm per area
the livestock are rarely killed as they are needed more a a resource than their meat
tea, coffee, drugs, sugar that are sold on international markets
a practice that manages natural resources and minimizes effects on the environment but still maintains profit for farms
a farm that houses huge quantities of livestock or poultry in buildings
confined spaces used for for the controlled feeding of animals
dramatic increase of grain production from 1965-1985 in Asia and latin america