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Geography 12

a water storage area often behind a man-made dam
a site used for disposing of waste products
mining used underground tunnels to access ore bodies
naturally occurring mineral that contains metals
watering of plants in region where precipitation is not organisms
scale used to measure the acidic or alkalinity of rainwater
narrow chutes through which surfave water flows to bottom of glacier
the burial of carbon dioxide in underground cavities
forestry practice in which all trees in an area are extracted
sub-surface water held in porous rock layers such as limestone and sandstone
upper atmosphere gas that protects life on earth form ultraviolet radiation
highdefinition pictures if earth taken from space satellites
chlorofluorocarbons that destroy the ozone layer
sudden increase in the acid level of water caused by rapidly melting acidic snow
pipes that carry surface runoff to the ocean
the raising of fish in the captivity
soild organic waste separated form sewage during sewage treatment
an area where circular ocean currents converge
contaminated liquid produced when water runoff seeps through landfill sites
toxic pollutant that often escapes from pulp mills and other factories