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Other disciples only believed that Christ had risen from the dead only after he ate ___ with them.
The angel told the women not to be _______ because it knew whom they women were seeking.
The ___ shook and became like dead men out of fear.
How man days were there between Jesus' resurrection and His ascension?
His ____ were as white as snow.
This disciple had to actually touch Jesus' wounds in order to believe that He had risen from the dead.
This is the most important miracle of the Chtian faith.
After the ____, at dawn of th first day of the week Mary Magdalene and Mary went to the tomb.
The angel showed the women the ___ where Jesus halain.
Jesus' resurrections paves the way for people to live ____ when they trust Him.
____ power at work in the world was also shown to believers and non-believers.
Jesus' resurrection gives all people hope tat their suffering can lead to ____>
There was a violent ____ when an angel came from heaven and rolled the stone away and sat on it.
The angel's appearance was liKe _______.
____ announced that Jesus had risen from the dead.
Jesus resurrection showed that no ____ is too terrible to be forgiven, if you trust God.
When___ rose from the dead showepeople that the hope he proclaimed in His Gospel message was real.
Means good news.
Jesus told is disciples that He would rise _____ days after His cruxifixion
All ___of the Bible Gospel describes the news of Christ's rising from the dead.