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9th Grade Roots Final Review

To create without any forethought or preparation
To make less painful or dangerous
To not do something
To swear off; renounce
Charitable donation to public causes
Unskilled; clumsy
Warlike in mood or nature
Breaking of a legal oath
Occurring before a war
An official order
Giving off light without heat
Unbeatable; resistant
Childish, immature
Plan of action; purpose
To support for an extended period of time
Symbolic rather than literal
Skill or suitability for
An idea important to a set of beliefs
Unable to make choices
A cut made in order to get inside something
So quiet as to be impossible to hear
Just, fair
A ghost or phantom
Government by a religious leader or group
A declaration of opinion
A figure constructed in mockery
Attitude or mood
Attractive in pictures
A speech, a passage, or event coming before the main speech or event
One who loves books
Occurring at the time of most influence
Claim of wrongdoing; charge
Comparable to; like
Giving total attention to; captivated