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1st 10 Ways to Study (4th Quarter Common Assessment for Science)

The formula to find this is distance over time (distance/time)
This is a type of energy that an object can and does have due to its posistion
There is East, South, and West and what is the fourth cardinal direction?
Air making contact with surfaces and opposing motion
Change from one form of energy to another
Anything that is stretchy
This is almost the same as speed only it includes a cardinal direction (north, east, south, west)
An object in motion remains in motion unless an unbalanced force is acted upon the object
This type of friction stays in place
Friction can be helpful but can also be...
What is net force being measured by? Example... the net force is 5N
The number of laws that Newton thought of
Which way is the slope going is the graph for distance and time is accelerating?
Force that allows and object to float on a liquid (starts with a b)
The ability to do work
This type of friction is moving (as in rolling or sliding)
The pulling over a distance that also depends on mass
An object at rest remains at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon the object
This type of energy is the type that has motion
A push or pull action
This is what you would use to determine when an object has moved
Force that opposes the motion between two objects in contact with one another
a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged