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The Planets of the Solar System


______ is the largest planet.
The _____ is a hot ball of gas that is the center of our solar system.
Mars is also known as the __________ because of his reddish color.
______ is the hottest planet even though it is not the closest to the sun!
_____ is a cold and windy planet.
The "Great Red Spot" is a ______ that has been active for more than 400 years.
This is the smallest of all planets and was once not considered a planet.
______ is home of the largest volcano in the solar system!
There are 8 and 5 of these in our solar system.
_______ has rings made of ice and dust.
_______ is the closest planet to the sun.
_______ is the third planet fro the sun. It is filled with clouds, water and all sorts of life.
This planet spins on its side!