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12 Global Geography Review

Four simple conditions to make life on earth possible is referred to as this
Developed Gaia Hypothesis
Long period of abnormally low rainfall
Porous and permeable rocks
Made to Believe it is no longer useful
Land degradation in arid areas
Humans need these to provide energy for survival
Records world population
Units of self-constructed, cheap housing
Having choices over what is purchased
Paying money to future husband
Renewing by moving middle class into low income neighborhoods
Absorbs carbon
Trapping heat within the earth's atmosphere
Fish and shellfish farming
Urban, upright farm
Systematic elimination of a gender group
Little government interference in economic affairs
Crops that are harvested to be sold for export
World population
Grows by natural increase and immigration
Sending subsidized food to LDCs
Trade Agreements are in place, lowering tariffs
Theories on population
Green revolution decade