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Explorers in Canadian History

Emmanuel Pasternak
Crossword Puzzle on European Explorers
Teacher: Mrs. Matthews, G01
Champlain wanted to make the First Nations believe in this religion
His ship sunk on his second voyage
Explorer who kidnapped Chief Donacona
The mountain Cartier named near Hochelaga
Champlain decided to move up this river to make a new trading post
Father of New France
One of the main trading items between Europeans and First Nations
Cabot found lots of this in the "New World"
If Champlain wanted to make Quebec survive he needed help from these people
One of Champlain's jobs before he became an explorer
The place all the explorers were looking for
Champlain's main trading post location
The name of Champlains fort
Cartier and his men got medecine for scurvy from this tribe
Champlains vision for New France
The first tribe Cartier met
The tribe Champlain defeated with the Wendat
When Cartier arrived at Hochelaga he was seen as this to the people
A sickness that affected some sailors and explorers
Champlain had an alliance with this tribe