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Food (nouns)

Small, round, purple fruit, grows on a tree
Small, fuzzy, orange, fruit, grows on a tree
Small, round, red fruit, grown from a plant, many varieties such as cherry, beefsteak ,on the vine
Meat patty between two buns, many toppings can go on it such as: ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese
Small, green, fruit, larger at the bottom, grown on trees
Small, round, desert, made from flour, eggs, sugar, can be chocolate chip or sugar or other varieties
Small-medium, oval shaped, starchy vegetable, grows in the ground
Made from milk, many varieties such as blue, cheddar, feta
Green, leafy vegetable, grows in the ground, eaten in a salad
Small, round, vegetable, grown in the ground, sometimes makes your eyes water when cut