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Algebra I Chapter 3 Vocab Test

Teacher: Lorrie Tijerina
Statement obtained by reversing if and then
The part following then
An "if-then" statement
Each of the sides that form a right angle of a right triangle.
An equation involving two or more variables.
The motion of an object moving at a constant rate.
An enlarged or reduced drawing similar to an actual object.
A rate with a denominator of 1.
An equation that is true for every value.
The ratio of the greatest possible error to the measurement.
Numbers whose square roots are integers.
The part following if in a conditional.
Same shape but not necessarily the same size.
The ratio of the dimensions of a similar image of a figure to its original dimensions.
Transformation in which a figure and its image are similar
The expression under the radical sign.
The ratio of a distance in a drawing to the actual drawing.