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Bahai New Year
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
God said----------------------
First Book of the Bible
Founder of Bahai Faith
Grandson of Abdulbaha
Perfect Exempler
The tower of--------
Adams rib
Holy Book of Judaism
Sister of Abdulbaha
Bahai Holy Days
The-------on the mount
Adam and Eve had two
A virgin
Cousin of Jesus
Twelve of them
Many religions started there
He betrayed Jesus
Jesus------on water
Ark builder
First prophet in the Bible
She danced for King Herod
Cain killed him out of jealousy
God gave it to man
Zoroaster taught the existence of them
The-------tempted Eve
God gave Moses the------------
Adam and Eve lived there
Followers known as Babis
Months on Bahai calendar
Bahai Feast days named for-----------------
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
Resting place Shoghi Effendi
Celebrated first day of each Bahai month
On Noahs ark
He had --6----children
Buddhists do it regularly
Jesus taught us how to -----------
mother of John the Baptist
Sanskrit Krsna
Holy Book of Muhammad
Son of Abraham
He is the first created man in the Bible