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Texas Legislature

a bill that gives an individual or corporation a special exemption from state law
a step in the legislative process during which a bill is killed by the chair of the standing committee to which it was referred, as a result of his or her setting the bill aside and not bringing it before the committee
having a legislative assembly composed of two chambers or houses
a proposed law that has been sponsored by a member of the legislature and submitted to the clerk of the House or Senate.
a bill that applies to all people and/or property in the state.
a joint committee created to work out a compromise on House and Senate versions of a piece of legislation
a permanent committee with the power to propose and write legislation that covers a particular subject,
the process of redrawing election districts and redistributing legislative representatives in the Texas House, Texas Senate and U.S. House
a person living in the district from which an official is elected.
an expression of opinion on an issue by a legislative body.
a veto of a bill that occurs after the legislature adjourns, thus preventing the legislature from overriding it
a bill affecting only units of local government, such as a city, county, or special district.
daily payment to a public official engaged in state business.
the 140-day period during which the Texas legislature meets to consider and pass bills; occurs only in odd-numbered years.
the power of the executive to veto specific provisions (lines) of an appropriations bill passed by the legislature.
the formal charge by the House of Representatives that leads to a trial in the Senate and possibly to the removal of a state official.
the principle that all districts should have roughly equal populations