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Unit 6: The Revolutionary War

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To talk about something in order to reach an agreement.
Limited the power of the kind of England. It guaranteed fairer taxes for the barons and created fairer legal systems.
A series of battles to achieve a specific purpose.
To end.
A written plan of government.
Britain gave the United States a large area of land south of Canada and east of the Mississippi River.
A plan for doing or managing something.
To provide money for.
Land owned or controlled by a particular country.
An important belief or aim.
To gather for one's own future use.
An increase in prices
A time when important changes occur.
A person who works for change.
The surrounding of a place by an army in order to capture it.
An open rebellion against authority, especially by sailors or soldiers.
A representative sent by one government to another.
A soldier from one country who is paid to fight for another country.
To stop fighting and move away from the enemy.
To approve officially.