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The Gospel of Mark

A holy day of rest
Where was Jesus sent right after he was baptized?
The first two people Jesus asked to follow him were brothers, Simon and....
What were the disciples before they followed Jesus?
Who baptized Jesus?
The town Jesus started his ministry in. Hint: it's by a sea.
A disease of the skin that Jesus healed people from.
A simple story used to illustrate a lesson, Jesus used these.
How many chapters are in the book of Mark?
How many disciples did Jesus have?
What Jesus was called, hint: another word for savior
This phrase is used 14 times in Mark and describes the place and people under God's reign. You can find it in Mark 1:15
Fallen angels who are loyal to lucifer
The forgiveness of sins
Where was the first place Jesus began to teach? hint: these were the building Jewish people assembled.
Who wrote the book of Mark
John Mark was a disciple of who?