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California End of Life Options Act 2015

True or false Staff who elect to not participate in this process must comply with Cedars-Sinai policy "Staff Rights Mechanism" Policy
The patient's two oral requests must be ______days apart.
True or False Requests for End of Life Options can be made via the written Advance Directive
The age a patient must be to be eligible .
The attending physician, a consulting physician and sometimes a _____(three words) participate in evaluating the patients ability to make this decision.
The number of requests/times the patient must talk to their attending physician to initiate the End of Life Options Act.
Forms required for End of Life Options are found here at Cedars-Sinai.
True or False Only the patient can request End of life options.
The patient must be a verified resident of the state of _______ to invoke the End of Life Options Act of 2015.
The patient must have a ______condition to be eligible.