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Kaelyn's Bible Stories Crossword Puzzle

Taking in knowledge of Jehovah and his Son means everlasting ____. (John 17:3)
This is how we listen to God. (Joshua 1:8)
Jesus told the evildoer next to him that he would be with him in ______. (Luke 23:43)
Little children, guard yourselves from ____." (1 John 5:21)
God's name is... (Psalm 83:18)
Where did the first human couple live? (Genesis 2:15)
Honor your ____ and your _____. (Exodus 20:12)
He built an ark.
Jesus said, "God's word is ____." (John 17:17)
If we obey Jehovah, we can live _____! (John 17:3)
Jesus is Jehovah's ____. (John 1:34)
Noah took all the _____ into the ark. (Genesis 6:19, 20)
The serpent told Eve that she would not die if she disobeyed God. That was not true! It was a ___! (John 8:44)
The One who made the heavens and the earth is... (Genesis 1:1)
"In the beginning God created the ____ and the ____." (Genesis 1:1)
Adam's wife
How many people were saved in the ark? (1 Peter 3:20)
The first man created by Jehovah...(Genesis 3:17)
Children, be _____ to your parents.
Jehovah is Jesus' ____. (John 5:17)
God brought all of the animals to Noah to put in the ___. (Genesis 6:19)
This is how we talk to God. (Matthew 6:9)
When Noah finished building the ark, God brought the ____. (Genesis 7:9, 10)