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John the baptist would be called the ____ of the Highest. Luke 1:76
The Lord remembers this. Luke 1:72
The Lord has ____ His people. Luke 1:68
This stood over the young child. Matt 2:9
This will have no end. Luke 1:33
Number of generations between Abraham and David. Matt 1:17
Simeon was waiting for the Consolation of ___. Luke 2:25
The city where Jesus would live. Matt 2:23
God with us. Matt 1:23
Zacharias' son will go in the spirit and power of this prophet. Luke 1:17
Jesus was conceived by Him. Matt 1:20 (2 words)
When Elizabeth heard Mary's voice, the baby did this in her womb. Luke 1:44
I bring you good ___ of great joy. Luke 2:10
The king when Jesus was born. Matt 2:1
A prophet said she would bear a son. Matt 1:23
Where the Christ was to be born. Matt 2:5
Zacharias became ___ because he did not believe the angel. Luke 1:20
A country of refuge for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Matt 2:14
Mary found favor with God. Luke 1:30
Jesus was laid here. Luke 2:7
Every male who opens the womb is called this. Luke 2:23
This would pierce Mary's heart. Luke 2:35
A multitude of these appeared to the shepherds. Luke 2:13
Mary 'kept' all that was being said in her heart. Luke 2:19
My soul ____ the Lord. Luke 1:16
Appeared to Joseph in a dream. Matt 2:13
A prophetess who spoke of Him to those who looked for redemption. Luke 2:36,38
The name of Zacharias' son. Luke 1:13
Joseph was this kind of a man. Matt 1:19
They came from the east. 2:2 (2 words)
Zacharias and his wife were this in the eyes of God. Luke 1:6
WE should serve God in this. Luke 1:75
With God, nothing is ____. Luke 1:37
Simeon saw the Lord's ____ Luke 2:30
Zacharias' wife. Luke 1:5
Jesus is known as his son. Matt 1:1
The Savior was born in the city of ___. Luke 2:11
This happened to all of the male children, two and under. Matt 2:16
Zacharias was this. Luke 1:5
They gave this to Zacharias so he could write the name of his baby. Luke 1:63
Gold, frankincense and ___. Matt 2:11
Simeon said the child is destined for the ___ and rising of many. Luke 2:34