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Crossword Puzzle: Spelling List #2

to move, pass, extend from one side to the other (he _____ the street)
violent destructive windstorm occurring over land
a person who is an expert in science
great damage or ruin
to make a buzzing sound
a loop or portion of thread sewed in place
a person who is skilled in the treatment of teeth, jaws, mouth
to fall down or cave in
A person having authority to ensure rules of sport games are followed; umpire
a person nominated
difficult or dangerous situation
a person who produces works of art
a large mass of snow, ice, etc. sliding from a mountain slope
one who grows and sells flowers and plants
shaking or trembling of the earth due to the plates converging, diverging, transforming
to move, act, or progress with speed
a person who is absent
a fast moving wave produced by an undersea earthquake, volcanic eruption
to equal, be equal to, to fit together
to make different or change