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Author: Arianna Behrendt
a strong feeling about what will happen next
river 2340 miles long central U.S. flowing into Gulf of Mexico
something (as a need or desire) that leads or influences a person to do something
something that helps people find something or solve a mystery
the main story 4 : an evil or unlawful scheme
the plea made by a person accused of a crime of having been at another place when the crime occurred
: one present at an action who can testify to its having taken place b : one who has personal knowledge or experience of something
the doing of an act forbidden by law or the failure to do an act required by law especially when serious
to draw a conclusion about particular facts or examples by applying them to a general rule or principle
a religious truth that cannot be fully understood
A specific place where a person lives
one who gives evidence especially before a court of law
A short and word for sleuthhound
This was a hallowed or holy day celebrated in honor of all the saints in heaven.
regarded with suspicion
1 : a small area of ground
a sudden advance in knowledge or technique
a person whose business is solving crimes and catching criminals or gathering information that is not easy to get.
material presented to a court to help find the truth in a matter
something (as a need or desire) that leads or influences a person to do something