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To Kill a MockingBird

Scout Jem and Dill are
The verdict of the case
Atticus's brother
Charles Baker Harris
It destroyed Miss Maudies home
House keeper
Bob or Mayella
Scouts Dad
Tom was shot while trying to
Where trials take place
What you get at school
Atticus shot a mad one
Were carved out of soap
Material proof
Place that scout watched the trial
Gossipy neighbor
Scouts brother
Harper lee
12 who decide
Mrs. Robinson
Boo spent most his time
To end the life of something
It housed Tom Robinson
The Jacobs boy
Mayella had a lot of these
Atticus's Sister
Object found in the tree
The prosecutor
What plugged up the tree
Atticus's occupation
Miss Gates is a
What Burris Ewell had
Scouts costum
Jem chopped her flowers
Miss Fisher
Miss maudie made these for the kids
Scout and Jem went to Calpurnias
The kids played the Boo Radley...