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Instruments Section - 13

Tray consisting of: Thermoplastic resin square, bleaching trays, short blade scissors, block out material for models, and models.
Used in all types of dental procedures when the oral cavity needs to stay dry.
Filled with fluoride to help prevent decay by mineralizing the teeth.
Mouth mirror, cotton forceps, air/water syringe tip, polishing agent without fluoride, dental floss, low-volume saliva ejector, high-volume evacuator (HVE), prophy slow-speed handpiece, disposable prophy angle attachment with polishing cup, and disposable prophy angle attachment with tapered brush
Used to precisely cut material, especially for bleaching trays.
Tray consisting of: Syringe with etchant, HVE tip, mouth mirror, explorer, cotton forceps, microbrushes, disposable articulating paper holder, articulating paper, air/water syringe tip, dry-angles, low-volume evacuator for mandibular, cotton rolls in disposable holder, disposable bite block, dental floss, sealant syringe and syringe tip, prophy slow-speed handpiece with disposable prophy angle attachment with polishing cup, and disposable angel attachment with tapered brush.
Used to aid in detection of caries within the tooth structure.
Used to make bleaching trays, custom temporary crowns, night guards, orthodontic positioners, and mouth guards. Used to heat plastic squares and to vacuum form