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Education in New England

Author: lm poehler
The first university in the nation to accept students of all religious affiliations
Massachusetts' Mount Holyoke College was first member of this association of Women's Colleges with 5 Down
"Let me ___"
Old witch
Prefix for fasten, bend, fasten
This institution conducted in the house of the teacher
Their goal was to establish vigorous educational system
The oldest public school in America (2 wrds)
On Monday, students at a Colonial Grammar School had test examination based on this
"Tit for _____"
The first tax-supported public school was opened here in Massachusetts, in 1644
These books were the first used to teach the alphabet
She had her day in May
The only group to allow girls to have an education in the 13 colonies
This 1895 graduate is the only Amherst College graduate to serve as president of the United States
"About a ____"
"Goosebumps" Stine
With 6 Across
This Hampshire College grad gave us "The Civil War", "Baseball", and "Jazz"
Established in 1636, it is the first university in the US.
"Here I ___"
Colonial Education was determined by the ____ class of the family
She left her inheritance to found a women’s college n Massachusetts
He included provisions in the MA Constitution in 1780 that guaranteed public education to all citizens
Awarded the nation's first doctoral (PhD) degree in 1861
Some students had to do this to pay for their education
'Auntie ____" starring Rosalind Russell
The most basic level of education was conducted for boys aged between 5 and 7 at this type of school