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Physiological Psychology - Chapter 4

A brain structure inferior to the cerebral cortex and superior to the thalamus; critical in information storage
The relay center for the brain
This structure, located anterior and ventral to the medulla, is Latin for "bridge" due to the fact that axons from each hemisphere cross to the contralateral side of the spinal cord
The plural form for the bulges of the cerebral cortex
The lobe comprising the posterior end of the cortex, and important in visual processing
The "roof" of the midbrain, consists of the superior and inferior colliculi
A structure posterior to the thymus, which releases melatonin
The descending arm of this structure contributes to control of motor function, while the ascending arm sends information to the cerebral cortex, selectively increasing arousal and attention
A brain area important in storage of habit patterns and emotional significance
Lateral to the thalamus; includes the caudate nucleus, the putamen, and the globus pallidus.
A hindbrain structure inferior to the occipital lobe, and is important in control of balance and coordination
This lobe is anterior to the parietal lobe and includes both the primary motor cortex and prefrontal cortex
The lateral and ventral most lobe of the cerebral cortex, important in auditory processing
A hindbrain structure superior to the spinal cord; Responsible for control of vital reflexes
The plural form for the grooves of the cerebral cortex
The part of the CNS contained within the spinal column
Inferior to the thalamus; important in the maintenance of homeostasis
A system of interlinked brain structures particularly important for motivations and emotions.
This lobe begins posterior to the postcentral gyrus, and is important in sensory processing and integration
A gland with anterior and posterior portions composed of distinct tissue types
A dense bundle of axons that connects the two hemispheres, facilitating communication between them
The intermediate level of the midbrain; among other things, it includes parts of the reticular formation and nuclei for the 3rd and 4th cranial nerves