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There is No God

John 3:19
Unbeliever. An __ says there is no God. Psalm 53:1
Rescue. Ask Jesus to __ you. Acts 2:21
Thwarts or aluminum wraps
Estimated Time of Arrival (ab)
Built animal ark per God's instructions
Disregard. How will we escape if we __ such great salvation? Hebrews 2:3
Evident. God made Himself __ in creation. Romans 1:20
Brassiere or bumper cover
Viewed. Hell is truth __ too late. Tryon Edwards
Riddle. Crossword __ clue
English martyr & Bible translator
Boast. Atheists like to __, making fools of themselves. Romans 1:22 & 30
Biblical high priest or NFL QB
That is (ab)
Pivot rod. God is the __ the world turns around
Teacher scholars. Atheism is so senseless that it has never had many __. Isaac Newton
Electronic Travel Authority (ab)
Sneaker, loafer or high heel
Go astray. You __, not knowing Scripture. Matthew 22:29
Center. An education which is not religious is atheistic; there is no __ way. Temple
Swarmed by crowd
Not out
Story line 4 murder mystery
Frying. A celebrity on tv bragged he is not afraid of __ in hell
Visible. Faith is 4 things hoped 4 & things not __. Hebrews 11:1
Look. There is no 1 so blind as he who refuses to __
Charged atom
Legend. Scripture is not __, it's the Book that reads U!
Talking tv horse
Lair. Liars live in a __ of iniquity
Northeast (ab)
Like, while
Spiritual skepticism. __ leads 2 moral relativism
Paradise. Earth is as close as an atheist will get 2 __ & a Christian will get 2 hell
Providing. __ U repent U won't perish. Luke 13:3
Ergo, thus
Kleenex or muscle
Because. An atheist "can't" find God __ his deeds R evil. John 3:19
Noun, __ or adjective
Everlasting. Too late they will believe in __ punishment who would not believe in __ life. St.Cyprian
Fries, broils, crackles
Comply. In flaming fire take vengeance on those who __ not Christ's Gospel. 2 Thessalonians 1:8
Obstruct. Satan will __ your path 2 salvation
Encouraged. A Christian is __ by reading Scripture
Healing plant
Rooted. Law is __ on belief in God; atheism is anarchy
Symbol 4 prescription
Category. Atheists classify Bible's Book of Revelation in the horror __
Difficulty. If U do not believe it is not b/c U have an intellectual __ but a moral 1. Adrian Rogers
Hearing organ. If U turn a deaf __ 2 God's Law, your prayer is an abomination. Proverbs 28:9
Happy expectation. 2 live without God is 2 die w/o __
Black. __ & irony
Mutinous freethinker. A __ "can't" find God 4 the same reason a crook can't find a cop
Desert oasis hallucination. God is not a mere __; His resurrection proves it
Lodge, motel
Refutes. An antichrist spirit __ Jesus' deity. 1 John 2
Extraterrestrial (ab)
Deity. If there were no __ there would be no atheists. Chesterton
Viewed. Over 500 eyewitnesses __ Jesus after His resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15
Female pronoun
Long period of time
Touchdown (ab)
Not off