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155 Math

The measure of the gravitational pull on a object
A natural number greater than 1 that has only itself and one as a factor
A symbol used to represent a number
The portion of the sale price of the home that the buyer initially pays to the seller
A sequence of equal payments made at equal time periods
A number that is positive nor negative
The numerical part of a term
A loan that you pay off with weekly or monthly payments
A sequence in which each term after the first differs from the preceding term by a constant amount
The result of expressing numbers as part of 100
Federal Insurance Contributions Act
The set that contains no element
An equation that uses variables to express a relationship between two or more quantities
A natural number whose value does not change if it's digits are reversed
A sentence that is either true or false, but both simultaneously
Buying or selling stock
The number representing its measure from end to end
Total Income
Temperature scale that we are use to
The period of time between two interest payments
Provides payments to eligible retirees and people with health problems
Is a letter that represents a variety of different numbers
The practice of paying a specified amount of money over a specified time for the use of a product
The amount of money that we get paid for lending or investing money, or that we pay for borrowing money
In linear programming problems these are called
A statement that can be proved using deductive reasoning
The result of multiplying two or more numbers
The basic metric unit of weight