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20 Vocabulary Words In Math

Teacher: Mrs. Herbers
A number that goes into a number
When two or ratios equal the same thing (6:3= 3:1.5)
When you group numbers in a addition or multiplication problem
Any number that cannot be turned into a fraction
When you distribute he number outside of the parentheses, to the numbers inside the parentheses
The parts of an expression that are similar
A positive number that shows how far a number is from zero
When two or more things are NOT equal
A mathematical 'sentence' that has a equal sign to represent that both sides of the equal sign are equal
Any number, letter, or symbol on the top, right hand corner of another quantity
The different parts of an expression
A decimal that never ends
Something that does not change
When you move numbers around in a addition or multiplication problem
When you break down a number or fraction to get a simpler answer
A letter that represents a mathematical value
A mathematical 'sentence' that includes numbers, variable and operations
When two or more things are equal
Any number that can be turned into a fraction
What some thing is when in one rate (4 for 2 OR 2 for 1)