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Michigan 2016

Where a clutch is found
Of all Nancy's attributes these are the best she brings to the table
Per Jer, what lone wolf terrorists should be refered to
A collection of family
2013, a good year to be __
It's a wonderful life when you add this to your coffee
The youngest visitor this vacation week
He lost the election of 1940
Bewery letters
A collection of owls
Olive oil and parmesan cheese is referred to as Italian__
A company that was well represented
__ andrelaxation
First person
Intially the best hostess
Underwater "divemaster"
Lee Travino,s nick name
Northside teammates
What was found by the dashboards lights
An address with a view
Where fun, love, sun, food, and memories come together
Some ballon's filler
A floater in JT's drink
The sole of a Sunday crossword
This years replacement of the black-eyed susans of 2013
Who finds them in the waves
"i've never seen one that big big" according to Anne
Twain"s Tom could have come from here
The flavor of our morning air
Time before sunset ....Jer's favorite time of day
A new level of coldness
Anne's forgotten carry-in
A caucasian socialist
Rookie relatively speaking
Need for a hat
A steal shaded water fowl
The strongest suit in the deck, or an asshole
According to Bank's the best breakfast food
Texas landmark
Part of a pizza,say in New York
Size doesn't make a difference in this product, right Anne>?
A male erection problem
Temperature of the lower level
Required for apps.
Golf bag group
Mr. Bahama to some
According to Sarah ...he wears baggy pants