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Weeks 17-20: Grade 5/6

When discussing food: wholesome and filling.
To escape or avoid, usually using trickery.
To give up on completely.
Not consistent or having a fixed pattern. Subject to change.
Lifelike. Showing familiar things in a way that is true to real life.
Great in number. Many.
To make something suitable or acceptable for a new purpose.
To forgive or excuse.
Creating clear images in the mind.
A feeling of wonder, sometimes mixed with fear or excitement.
To supply water to land or crops, as a means to help growth.
Able to be carried or moved easily.
To make something or someone very frightened, so they are not able to move or think.
An entrance to building or particular place.
To tell someone about something. To tell about an event or experience.
Large, especially the height of something.