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Georgia crossword

Something that attracts visitors
Largest swamp in north america
What is the deepest port besides savannah
Protects mainland from waves
What percent of Georgia does the piedmont take up
River that borders with alabama
Oldest mountains in north america
Is coastal plains north or south of fall line
These form under fall line
True or false. both major river flow through piedmont
Famous crop in coastal plains
Highest point in georgia
Creates piedmont/coastal border
Is piedmont north or south of the fall line
4th state of the united states
True or false. Lookout mountain is in coastal plains
Someone who visits for a specific thing
Smallest region in georgia
What piedmont means
Savannah river flows along the border of this state
Tallest water fall in the state
What kind of soil does valley and ridge have
Ocean east of georgia
Largest region in georgia
Where is Georgia located in the u.s
City of the carpet capital
How many waterfalls does Appalachian plateau have