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Unit 8- Grade 5/6

A fire or light in a high, visible place. Sometimes to send a signal or warning.
To throw in different directions.
Able to be trusted. Always in good quality or performance.
A mix-up or messy situation. A predicament.
To maintain in the original state.
To breathe in heavily, usually out of shock, horror, or pain.
Of top-most importance. First, main, key.
Extremely large or great in size.
To be ordinary, standard, normal, or typical.
Withdraw or not give business to, as means of punishment or protest.
To increase rapidly.
A thing that is regarded as more important than others.
A person who lives in a particular place for a long time.
To inspect someone or something to check the condition.
A thick rope of wire or other material. A cord, rope, line, or wire.
The highest point of a hill or mountain.