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Geometry Vocabulary Section1-1 to 1-3

Teacher: Mr. David Bonnet
A conclusion you reach using inductive reasoning is called a _______.
An example for which the conjecture is incorrect
Is a dimensionless location in space
defined by at least three points and extends infinitely
Is reasoning based on patterns you observe (2 wds)
A _____ is the part of a line consisting of one endpoint and all the points of the line on one side of the endpoint.
Lines that do not intersect and are coplanar.(2 wds)
Points and lines in the same plane are ______.
Two or more points are said to be _____ if they lay on the same line.(2 wds)
A _____ is the part of a line consisting of two endpoints.
_______ are two collinear rays with the same endpoint and always form a line. (2 wds)
Planes that do not intersect (2 wds)
______ is an accepted statement of fact.
Lines that do not intersect and are not coplanar (2 wds)
______ is defined as a the set of all points
______ can be defined by at least two points and extends in opposing direction infinitely