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Lincoln's Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin

Lincoln's son who wanted to enlist in the union army
River that the men planted the body near
Kennally's nickname was this
Ben Boyd's job was called
An object that was built in Lincoln's name
City where Abe's grave was
The city that Ben Boyd's workshop was in
What the person that found Abe's body was given
The name of the cemetery where Lincoln's bones were buried
The robbers snatched Lincoln out of this
Who was going to have to let Ben Boyd out of jail so they could have Lincoln's body
Patrick Tyrell was the head of the secret services in this city
Man whose body was stolen
He was Patrick Tyrells lawyer friend
Lincoln's grave was sealed with this
The man who was supposed to stumble upon Abe's body
The man who the gang hired to snatch Lincoln's body but he was actually a member of the secret service
City that Kennally was in the night of the grave robbery
Counterfeit store owner that went to prison
The name of Lincoln's wife