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chapter 1 vocab science

To make an educated guess (I bet the car will go 100 mph)
The study of energy and matter and how they interact (other topics studied are sound, light, electricity, and magnetism)
A number that shows up the most out of a group of numbers (778634898 8=mode)
Sharing ideas and conclusions with others (you can share data with others)
What keeps scientists in lab safe (goggles)
Is a possible answer to a scientific question (changing the distance of an object and a light make the shadow a different size)
The facts,figures, and other evidence gathered in a experiment (what scientists call information)
When you use measurements and numbers (like how tall you are)
When all variable except one remain the same
The factors that can change in an experiment
The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate
Putting a qroup of numbers together and putting them in order and finding the middle number (78623 23(6)78)
A study of different properties of matter and how it changes (you'll learn why some things burn and other do not)
A phenomenon of nature that has been proven
The different ways scientists study the natural world (being curious is the first step in the scientific inquiry)
Descriptions that don't involve numbers or measurements (like a ball is round or a knife is sharp)
The variable is changed (or the independent variable)
Something scientist use to figure stuff out
Guessing on what is going to happen in the future (i think its going to rain tomorrow)
A way of learning about the world by gathering info (knowledge of the world)
Using things you already know to know something (If your friend walks in with a football you know your going to throw football)
The quality or state of being correct or precise
The sum of a series of numbers divided by the number of numbers (78623=26divided by 5=5.2=mean)