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Women of the Bible

Author: Sami
Princess associated with false prophets
Jacob's most beloved
Aquila's soulmate
The First Lady
A general's wife who marries a king
Mother of Abram's firstborn
Queen who died for her convictions
She turned David's heart
Prostitute whose husband forgave and loved her anyway
Her son grew up to be a great prophet because of her unselfish heart
A queen from this affluent nation traveled far to question King Soloman
Her benefactor called her a woman of distinction
One of the first converts to Christianity
Herber's wife that wielded a mean hammer!
She had a remarkable pregnancy with a very active baby
Isaac's wife
Moses's sister
The Bible's answer to Betty Crocker and Suzie Homemaker all rolled into one!
His wife was embarrassingly aggressive with other men; the first recorded Cougar!
First female judge in history
His wife was the first woman to go on a cruise
First female spy
Although she was first, she was second best
Miss Winfrey was actually named after her, but mom spelled the name wrong
Abraham's wife who was a nonagenarian before going through menapause