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Official Spanish Speaking Countries

U can find me in South America
Starts with an "H" and is located in Central America
A U.S. territory
A northernmost county in South America
Could be a river in Washington, but spelled differently
Small Island nation
The only country in Europe with Spanish as it's "idioma official"
The other "guay"
Large South American country
Hosts a famous canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Fidel Castro was the main political figure for decades in this country
Small country in Central America
Sounds like food, but isn't!
Smaller South American country
Only nation in Africa with Spanish as the official language
The Savior
The coast of riches
One of the "-guay"s
Located in Central America, starts with an "N"
Sounds like "guacamole" if you mumble it
Our neighbor directly at our southern border