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Period 5.A: Geometry

Has a hair color the same as the longest wavelength in a rainbow.
Born in Texas.
Has taken ballet for six years.
Is a fine trap shooter.
This person was adopted.
Has 3 siblings plus 2 more siblings.
Playing sports is an enjoyment for this person.
Two dogs are taken care of by this person.
Likes to collect shoes.
Likes to dance, boogie, shake a leg. You get the idea.
Has twenty cousins.
Has a birthday that is 26 days before Halloween.
Can read a 250 page book in a day.
Has an eye that is blue and another that is half brown, half blue.
This person has Asperger Syndrome.
Was in Kennedy marching band as an 8th grader.
Has very good gaming skills.
This person is half asian and half white.