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Managing Stress

Regular _________ is one of the best stress management tools.
Three-fourths of employees believe the worker has more on-the-job stress than a __________ ago.
WestRock offers an Employee _________Program as part of the benefits package
Poor eating habits can cause your ______ sugar to spike and plummet throughout the day
There is a growing concern that stressful working conditions interfere with safe work ____________
Don’t be afraid to seek outside _________
taking the time to identify specific stress ________ can help combat the source of stress
Physical activity helps pump up the production of __________, which help elevate mood.
Job stress may lead to a loss of focus, a common cause of __________ incidents
Practice deep ________ techniques
Cut back on caffeine and ____________
Problems at work are more strongly associated with ________ complaints than are any other life stressor