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List 3 Spelling 6th Grade

A person or thing that takes place of another
Slanted from corner to corner
Able to live on land and in water
To find the cause of a problem by close examination
The decision of a jury
Putting oneself under the command of another; submissive
An official order commanding a person to appear in court
Making a drawing showing the important parts of something
Not fully aware
An official public announcement
Under the power of another
A vessel made to go under water
To conquer; to bring under control
Yielding to the authority of another
A composer or performer of music
To say the opposite
A person skilled in the art of healing; a doctor
To say for someone to write down
Covered with water
Existing or happening under the sea
A line through the center of a circle
A community on the outskirts of a city
A short blessing at the end of a public worship
The story of a persons life
To say in advance
One who performs tricks
A book of alphabetical listed words (with their meanings)
A conversation between two or more people
The ground under the topsoil
A crown
Beneath the standard or average
An underground train
The study of living things
The choice and use of words