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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Mass Word Search

Being a Christain means being a person committed to bringing about _______.
TThe Our Father is followed by the _____ ___ _____
In this prayer sinfulness is acknowledged and intercession requested.
_______ is a sign of respect and honor.
This is the focal point of the Mass.
The great Amen means we say _____ to all the Eucharistic prayers has expressed.
We are called to prepare the altar of our ______ so Christ can come to dwell in us.
Mass normally begins with a _______.
Your choice of clothing, posture, and participation should all reflect an ______ of dignity and attentiveness.
The posture of listening and meditation.
In Mass we participate with ______ where angels fall down and worship before God.
What language is "The Lord have Mercy" said?
This sign confesses faith in both the Holy Trinity and the Redemption.
In the Creed, we are invited to _____.
Define the word "Alleluia".
What is the part of the Mass where your venial sins are forgiven.
______ is both a posture of penance and adoration.
Define "Jesus"
Define conversion
What is the most perfect form of prayer?
The ritual drop of Holy Water minds us that we need to wash away _____ things as we enter God's house.
How must we enter God's house?