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Jesse & Mary Eyler 2016

Your cousin's mother is your ________.
Jesse F. W. and Mary Eyler each had a brother with this name.
How many daughters did Jesse & Mary have?
How many sons did Jesse & Mary have?
Your daughter's sister is also your _______.
Your Father's brother is your ____.
Mary Eyler was always baking _____.
The cemetery where Jesse & Mary Eyler are buried.
The number of children born to Jesse F. W. & Mary Eyler.
A child of one's aunt or uncle.
How many siblings did Mary S. Eyler have?
Your brother's son is your _______.
What son is buried in the same cemetery as Jesse and Mary Eyler?
Who got run over by a reindeer while walking home from cousin Nell's after drinking too much eggnog?
How many of Jesse and Mary's children are still living?
Your sister's brother is your _________.
Mary Susan Eyler's maiden name.
A person who traces or studies the descent of persons or families.
What is the name of Jesse F. W. Eyler's sister that is buried in Rocky Hill Cemetery.
What month is the Eyler Family Reunion always held in?
The first daughter of Jesse & Mary Eyler's to pass away.
If your sibling is not your brother, then it must be your__________.
What did Jesse and Mary Eyler use to plow their field?
What is the surname of this family reunion.