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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

Donald Trump’s Favorite Words for Everyone Who Is Not a Loser

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The only word people should use when talking with Donald Trump, if they know what’s good for them.
Something that is not super premium unless you attach the prefix Trump; something used to make Trump-tonics and Trumptinis; one of Trump's many failed businesses or success distilled.
A definite article placed before given names to add billions to your brand; a prefix used when mentioning minorities.
A coffee purveyor that great Americans should maybe boycott.
A political message; a way to call out losers and strike fear in the hearts of opponents.
Widespread statements which include facts mixed with unproven facts, and the non-apologetic way in which The Donald delivers those statements.
Something that is believable, but also amazing.
A people who understand the dangers of scapegoating and Nationalism; a squeezed fruit beverage Donald has every morning with breakfast to keep his color.
Undocumented immigrants that “have to go”; criminals spreading Ebola; the people you have to build a wall to keep out. ​
Donald Trump’s greatest natural resource.
Someone with great genes whom you might date if she weren’t related to you.
A slab of dead cow that becomes classy when you add the prefix Trump; another word for red meat; synonym for something you put down in a casino before you lose your shirt.
The number of chances Carly Fiorina had to win the Republican nomination; the probability that someone who is worth less than Trump’s Gucci store will become president.
Super boring televised discussions that are too long that no one would watch if Trump weren’t involved.
People who are not classy, “very obnoxious babies,” who maybe deserve to be “roughed up” or "taken away on a stretcher."
A word that compresses the sublime classiness of Donald Trump's ideas and friends into three syllables.
Rapists, criminals, or good people.
A super-luxury hair color; the color of a radiant sunbeam emanating from the brains of classy people that looks best combed forward until it reaches your nose, and then folded back.
An entire group of people that should be completely banned for entering the U.S.; “wonderful people” - many of whom are friends with Trump.
Rapists, criminals, or good people.