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World Geography Crossword

Involves designing and making maps.
The location of one place in relation to another.
Shape of the Earth's physical features.
Also known as azimuthal projection.
North, East, South, West
A scale model of the Earth.
Projection that comes from placing a cone over part of a globe.
0° Longitude
Meridians that circle the Earth from pole to pole.
One of the halves into which the earth is divided.
Height of landforms.
Everything east of the Prime Meridian for 180°.
Refers to the specific location of a place.
Based on the projection of a the globe onto a cylinder.
Global address.
Community of plants and animals that depend upon one another, and their surroundings, for survival.
Areas with similar characteristics.
Indicates directions
Everything south of the Equator.
Parallels that circle the Earth, and are parallel to the Equator.
0° Latitude
Shows the boundaries and location of political units such as cities, towns, etc.
Shows the location and the topography.
The basic tool for answering the question, "Where?"
Symbolic representation of all or part of the planet.
Resembles a globe that has been cut apart and laid flat.
Proportional relationship between measurements on map and Earth.
Lists and explains the symbols, colors, and lines used on a map.
Geographic Information Systems