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The Art of Racing in the Rain

Who was Denny fighting for after Eve passed away?
Who first discovered that Eve was sick?
What was Enzo and Denny's favorite thing to watch on TV together?
What did Enzo wish he could do more than anything?
What character is telling the story throughout the novel?
What was Denny's career?
Did Eve's parents like Enzo?
What type of weather did Denny enjoy racing in?
Who was Denny's best friend?
What did Denny feel he had more of when racing in the rain?
Where did they live?
What was Enzo's nickname for Eve's parents?
What did Enzo suffer from?
What was Denny's
What illness did Eve suffer from?
Did Enzo get along with Eve at first?
Where was Denny offered a job when his criminal chargers get dropped?
What stuffed animal turned into a devil?
Where did Denny get Enzo from?
What was the name of Denny and Eve's daughter?