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Chapter 4 The Human Population and the Environment

Teacher: Mrs. Smith
Number of deaths per unit of time divided by the size of the population
The study of population change over time
Number of births per 1000 individuals in a year
Soil erosion and climate change are said to be this type of limiting factor on population growth
Population that is in-between rapid birth rates and equilibrium
As resources are maximized the exponential growth curve assumes ans S shape
Birth rate minus death rate without migration factored in
Technological phenomenon that allowed the first dense human population centers to emerge
Birth rate and death rate are in equilibrium
The primary cause of mortality in the US has decreased by at least eight percent in recent decades
On average how much a national economy produces per person
Girls who have this have children later in life, and fewer of them
The shape of this diagram can reveal economic health and future of a nation
The number of years it takes for a nation's population to double
All the individuals of an organism that are capable of having offspring
Access to this technology has allowed global population to grow exponentially
Toxic metals and desertification are what type of limiting factors on population growth?
Number of deaths of infants under the age of one per one thousand live births
Same as crude birth rate but you analyze women of a specific fertile age range
Disruption of food by drought is this type of limiting factor on population growth
Scientist who first predicted mass population crash due to lack of resources