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Using Geography Skills: pgs 13-38

This is the day with the fewest amount of daylight in the year. pg 38
This type of map projection shows continents and oceans close to their sizes and shapes but poles are flat. pg 23
Type of map that call out landforms and water features. pg 28
Happens twice per year when day and night are equal in length. pg 38
This type of map projection gives a good overall view of the continents shapes and sizes. pg 23
Exact spot on the earth where a geographic feature is. pg 15
This type of map projection shows land shapes fairly accurately but not size or shape. pg 23
This interaction describes how people and their natural surroundings affects them or how people change the environment to fit their needs. pg.15
The size of the map compared to the size of the actual land surface. pg 27
This is the layer of oxygen and gases that surrounds the earth. pg 36
Earth and seven other planets as well as thousands of smaller bodies make up this. pg 35
10 years. pg 16
Also known as a meridian, runs from the north pole to the south pole. pg 24
Explains how and why people, ideas, and goods go from place to place. pg 15
Is at zero degrees longitude. pg 24
This type of map projection shows continents close to their true shape. pg 23
Describes where that feature is in relation to the features around it. pg15
This is a complete circuit around the sun. pg 36
Describes the characteristics of a location that make it unique or different. pg 15
Type of map that show names and political boundaries of countries. pg 29
100 years pg. 16
Explains the symbols, colors, and lines on a map. pg 26
Refers to the areas of the earth's surface that have several common characteristics such as land, natural resources, or population. pg 15
Study of earth and its people. pg15
This is the day with the most amount of sunlight in the year. pg 37
Imaginary circles that run east and west around the globe. pg 24
Is a symbol that tells you where the cardinal directions. pg 26
This type of geography examines the earth's land areas, bodies of water, plant life. pg 16
Type of geography that focuses on people and their activities such as religions, languages, and ways of life. pg16
Circles the middle of earth like a belt and located halfway between the north and south poles. pg 24