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Vacation Transportation in France

John 3:19
Halt. French "Arret" sign tells car to __
Rond-pointe. A red triangle road sign with circular arrows signals a __ ahead
Space. "Espace repos" is a roadside rest __
"Arret @ rouge feu" means stop at a __ light
Calvary inscription abrv 4 "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews"
Route. "Cedez le __" under a red triangle means yield
"Pas de sortie" means __ exit (like sign over hell's door)
Evening (ab)
Provide. Rental cars __ reflective vests (on spot fine if not wear after emergency)
"Urgence" is French 4 __
Roman #3
Center walkway in "eglise"
Visible. Paris' landmarks R clearly __ @ dusk when illuminated
"Vert feu" means __ light
"Lumiere" means __& Les Lumieres refers to Enlightenment thinkers
Instant Messaging (ab)
Face with hands & #s
View. There is no 1 so blind as he who will not __
French 4 "street" or "regret"
Fuss. Much __ about nothing
French 4 funeral ashes vase
Volkswagen (ab)
Try, examine. Circling the Arc de Triomphe will __ your patience
French 4 "left." A red circle sign with a red line across an arrow = sens __ interdit
Christmas carol. __, __, born is the King of Israel
Sums. Add expense __ B4 exchanging currency
Locations. "Toutes __" is a road sign that indicates all destination
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Not closed. "Ouvert" sign means the fromage shop will __ at 9 a.m.
Text 4 "see you"
Metro labyrinth (ab)
Too, as well
"Voitures" is French 4 these vehicles
140 of these knights were burned @ the stake at Chateau Chinon
Paris river. A bateau mouche is a sightseeing boat that cruises the __
Paddle. Use an __ 2 row across Chambord Chateau pond
Preference. Yellow box on road sign means U have __
Remember. Red circle speed limit sign reads __ under number
Air travel has its __ & downs
Bicker. It won't pay 2 __ with a traffic cop
Toot horn
Overdose (ab). France fromage selection can lead to a food __
An airplane moving into position is @ an airport is __ (slang 4 cabbing)
French 4 "name." __ de plume
Memory loss. Fear causes spiritual __; it causes us 2 4get how good God is. Max Lucado
Like, while
French 4 "pedestrians." Passage __ means pedestrian crossing
Untruth. It's no __: speed kills
If U turn your __ from hearing God's Word, your prayer is detestable. Proverbs 28:9
Gauche Sortie (ab)
Jaune. A __ sign with a black line across it means my road does not have priority
Coast. WW2 saw battles on Normandy __
Turn. __ a droit = road curves right
Flightless bird
Human pig. A __ overindulges in French fromage & patisseries
Arrival. At Christmas we celebrate the Messiah's __
Teapots. "Bouilloires" is French 4 __
Different. "Autres directions" means __ directions
Beneath. "Sous" is French 4 __. A tunnel goes __ a mountain
Metal $. Insert __ in metro machine
Choose. Tourists can __ 2 take the train
Road fee. "Halte peage" means stop car & pay __
Russian emperor. A jerk drives like a __ @ rush hour
"Vitesse maximale" 30 means to __ down if U R going 50
Hint to actors on stage
Devilish brat
Overseas caution (ab)
Country dad