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interesting summer reading words

Pg 73 raise or haul up
Pg 142 quiet and depressed
Pg 96 simulated or pretended
Pg 153 an act of spinning on one foot
Pg 109 a feeling of fear about something that may happen
Pg 79 misalighned
Pg 49 an instruction given to a person
Pg 43 a sheet of canvas used to keep the sun or rain off a deck
Pg 115 in a way that expresses sorrow
Pg 96 put an end to
Pg 14 shed dead skin
Pg 136 have a moderating effect on
Pg 41 pleasing
Pg 239 made available when wanted or needed
Pg 31 hard white grains
Pg 101 Brave or heroic
Pg 182 a thing causing inconvenience
Pg 227 a person who attempts to make people involved in a conflict then come to an agreement
Pg 192 a pattern of spirals
Pg 65 in a lazy way