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1 & 2 Vocabulary

Teacher: Mrs. Snodgrass
something that changes in the experiment
assumption based on qualitative and quantitative observations
variable that “depends” on the independent variable, what you are measuring
decision based on analysis of data
variable you change in an experiment
change in living things (species) over time
the ability to produce new individuals
using 5 senses
a proposed explanation based on the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable
the process in which an organism regulates activities within cells and their bodies to keep conditions stable
description in words based on 5 senses
an increase in physical size
based on numbers
parts of the experiment that stay the same throughout the entire experiment
chemical processes that build up or break down materials (2 words, no space)
the part of the experiment that you already know the outcome of
complex organization, all organisms are made up of one or more cells