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Environmental Law Terms

Teacher: Mrs. Smith
Monies contributed by toxin producing companies, managed by the EPA, and used for clean-up of really bad hazardous waste sites
UN agreement violated by China in its destruction of coral reefs in the South China Sea
The Nuclear Waste Policy Act put the wheels in motion for the construction of a national nuclear waste repository at this location
This act was violated by Flint, Michigan when it failed to keep lead out of the municipal water supply
Historical evvent that displaced hundreds of thousands and led to the Taylor Grazing Act
The EPA has the mandate of regulating new and existing chemicals through this law
Agency that makes sure foods and mediciines are safe for human consumption
RCRA mandates this type of monitoring of toxic substances
This law was precipitated by the massive1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaskan waters
Regulates and prohibits the trade in endangered species of an international level
National law regulating the exploitation of wildlife and, most recently, plants
Regulates smog producing emissions from vehicles, among other things
Energy that is not renewable
Assures surface waters are swim-able, drinkable, and fish-able .
UN agreement that quickly and successfully outlawed ozone-depleting CFCs.
Number of chemicals the EPA has not tested for environmental safety due to backlog
This law kicks in when there is a toxic spill in a community
This UN agreement tackles climate change by getting nations to agree to restrict their carbon dioxide diet.
Act that provides government incentives to increase use of renewable energy such as solar
Mandates worker safety such as protection against chemicals and loud noises
This 1969 act is the bedrock of America's environmental policies
Agency that administers the Clean Air and Water acts among many other dutiies