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Just the Civil War

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This word means "freedom"
States that allowed slavery, had lots of manufacturing plants for war materials but stayed in the Union
This all African American, known as the 54th Regiment came from this state
Effort by the North to blockade the Ohio & Mississippi River and the Southeast coast of the Confederate states
Tax based on what a person makes, used to pay for the Union and Confederate war supplies
This word means "statement"
Captured war supplies like weapons, shoes, horses and even slaves
Made western lands available to settlers out west for usually a very low cost
City located on the Mississippi River that was bombarded by and laid siege to
Occurs when prices "rise"
Northern Democrat who opposed the Civil War
Nearly 50,000 causalties occurred when the South invaded southern Pennslyvania
Leader of the Confederate states
Woman who worked as a nurse in the Civil War and started the RED CROSS
Drafting men (forcing them under penalty of imprisonment) to serve in the army or navy
This 1862 law allowed nearly 200,000 African Americans to serve in the Union Army
Military strategy where the army attacks not only enemy troops but the economic resources and civilians 9churches, schools, railroads, ports, crops growing in the field)
No one can be held in prison without criminal charges being filed
Military tactic used to surround and then starve out the enemy